My Journey with ABI

My name is Judy Johnston and my ABI story begins seven years ago. When it happened I had spent most of my adult life as Judith A. Johnston, a professional, a Licensed Employee Benefits Consultant and Vice President of a Life Insurance Brokerage. It took many weeks of being in hospital before I came to understand that I had been a victim of a car crash. The injuries I sustained have left me with Acquired Brain Injury, impaired vision, recurring back and neck issues, loss of hearing, the loss of my sense of smell and balance issues. 

It has been, and continues to be, a long journey to recovery, but I now call myself a survivor of a life altering event. Inside I am still that Judith Ann Johnston I was before the accident, and I am grateful for her qualities and strengths that have come through as I slowly make my way down this road I call my “New Normal”.  

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Today is a better Day!

Inspite of the ongoing and tragic impact the covid-19 virus is having on each and every one of us, it is important to be open into accepting and celebrating those seemingly little things in life that continue to pull us back towards normalcy.

Today has been that day for me. The Spring Edition of HOPE Magazine is now out and online and there, on page 17, is my article about “Our Creativity is Waiting to Re-Emerge”. Writing has been a way to put my struggles, challenges and successes into perspective. It also provides me with a historical measurement of time and events as I continue my journey along this new pathway.

I hope you will find something today that brings a smile to your face and warmth in your heart.

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